Airports Near Athena:

Pendleton, OR (PDT) : Approx. 18-20 miles from Athena. Air service by
Boutique Air. Some rental cars available.

Walla Walla, WA (ALW): Airport is about 25 miles from Athena. Air Service
by Alaska/Horizon. Some rental cars available.

Pasco, WA (PSC): Approx. 60-70 miles from Athena. Air Service by
Alaska/Horizon, United(shuttle), Delta (&others?). Several car
rental companies at the airport.

Portland, OR (PDX): Closest MAJOR airport. Approx. 3.5 hours drive time
to Athena. The western end of the drive takes you through the
Columbia River Gorge which is worth seeing. The drive also takes you
from climate and terrain which might remind you of the upper mid-
west, thru the Gorge (western style mountains and forests), and thru
the transition to more arid "shrub/steppe" (desert) terrain - and on
to the foothills of the Blue Mountains. You'll see classic dry land
wheat country with "dry side" mountains and forests in the distance.


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